A note from Ms Edwards
Your Award Winning Esthetician

Are you tired of the way you look in the morning! Of people saying “Are you OK you look tired today! I know how you feel! I’ve been there! Menopausal since the age of 40, I began seeing a change in my own skin that lead me to look for answers and that in turn changed the course of my career.

You see them ~ those lines around your eyes, the brown spots on the side of your face, the sagging skin around the jaw line…pulling up on your skin to temporarily make those lines beside your mouth disappear while looking in the mirror
(been there, done that!!!)

All part of growing old “gracefully”… Says who! No matter how you try to accept it as part of life and aging you just can’t! You hate the way it makes you feel ~ old, tired looking, but it’s not who you are! Inside you’re a vibrant, active woman who wants the outside to reflect the same.

So now you’re ready to take action, find the solution that will make you feel and look young and alive again! Great that’s where I come in!
As an award winning Clinical Esthetician with a Degree in Health Sciences
and 35 + years of experience I have the expertise, and the most advanced tools
to help you achieve your skin care goals … fast!

No matter what your concerns are when you come to us , we address your personal needs and wishes in detail and offer you custom-tailored treatment methods that ultimately all have one common goal ~ enhancing your well-being and your personal quality of life.

.Call me today for a consultation to discuss your personal goals for your skin and get you on the road to a New, Beautiful, Healthy, Vibrant you!
Together we can make it happen!
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