Ageless Body


Series of 8 $784 w/detoxifying seaweed or with healing mud

A total lymphatic drainage that uses a computer controlled compression system.The device has 5 separate chambers positioned around the legs.
These focus on moving the venous and lymph flow, starting at the ankles and moving to the upper thighs.


  • enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance
  • reduces bloating
  • swelling and edema
  • alleviates leg fatigue, and restless legs
  • and improves oxygen flow through the whole body
  • relaxes the body yet makes it feel invigorated.

This is a great treatment for those who experience fatigue, feel sluggish, retain fluid (edema), suffer from fibromyalgia, soreness after a
sporting event, or chronic pain…

Restless Legs no more!


Series of 8 $784

Tired swollen legs and restless leg syndrome is a sign you need this treatment. The synergy of orange essential oil and caffeine with a hint of fulvic acid will stimulate your circulation and reduce your symptoms with the application of our pressotherapy unit leaving your legs feeling alive and refreshed.

Vacuo~Massage and Pressotherapy


~ Vacuo~Massage with Pressotherapie Compression Seaweed Treatment

Series of 8 $784
Maintenance $110
Our Signature Body Contouring program, for those needing serious help combining both Vacuo~Massage and Pressotherapy.