Let’s Party!


Non~Surgical FaceLift or Peel Parties

A party of 6 up to 10 guests are required!  Hostess gets complimentary service of her choice!

Mid-Depth peels ~ $225 (includes post-peel kit)
Non-Surgical FaceLift ~ $99

Here are some great reasons to have a FaceLift or Peel party, or to have one just because!

*Girl Night In
*Birthday Party
*Bridal or Bachelorette Party
*Baby Shower
*Pre-Prom Party
*Graduation Party
*Anniversary Party
*Promotion Party
*Corporate Retreats
*Holiday Party

Whats even better! ~ the Hostess gets her treatment for free!

To qualify for the free treatment a FaceLift or Peel party must include 6 or more guests plus the Hostess. Parties can be held with less than 6 guests, but a free treatment is not included.

Cancellations: A 24 hr notice is required to cancel the party. No exceptions!

Each guest will be required to pay 50% of their service to reserve their space at least 10 days prior to the party to pay for their post-peel kit.
Should they cancel their deposit will be forfeited.

Guest attire: Inform your guests to arrive in comfortable clothing with minimal to no makeup. Cleansers will be available if needed.

Location: For a fun , social environment, plan your party in a living room or location where all can interact. For a more quiet, relaxing treatment, plan a quiet room for the treatments.

Supplies: Guests will need access to a powder room. Youthful Solutions will provide all the supplies needed for the FaceLift or Peel treatment.

Food & Beverages: We do encourage you to offer light refreshments and snacks for your guests, of course, we do recommend this to be served away from spa services.

Non-participating guests: If you have guests that would like to attend the party, but prefer not to receive services, they are welcome, however we can not include them in your guest count.

To schedule your party, please contact
Youthful Solutions at 864-346-7546