Oncology Services


Oncology skin services is a very specialized field of Esthetics.
Ms Edwards is among a small percentage of licensed Estheticians
in the US who are certified in this important field,
designed specifically for clients who need a little extra TLC
who may have or are undergoing oncology treatments
such as chemo and radiation therapy.

Our facial treatments will soothe your skin, reduce inflammation
and comfort your soul!
So let go of your fears and beauty concerns
simply give us a call and together we will bring you
and your skin back to a harmonious state!

Chemo Facial ~ Nourishing Support $65

A gentle, soothing facial for all skin types undergoing chemo therapy.
The goal will be to soften and lift dead skin cells, while starting
the strengthening and building process with vital antioxidants
peptides and essential nutrients.

Chemo Facial ~ Inflammation Support $65

A gentle, soothing facial for sensitive, inflamed skin undergoing
chemotherapy. Strengthening and calming with vital anti-oxydants,
peptides, essential nutrients and a custom blend of anti-inflammatory
topicals, skin will be bathed with crucial hydration for healthier~looking skin.

Chemo Facial ~ Pigmentation Support $65

A gentle, soothing facial for more oily, acne-prone, problematic skin undergoing chemotherapy. Balancing and strengthening with essential nutrients and vitamins and reducing redness. Skin will be immersed in crucial hydration and brighteners for radiant, healthy-looking skin.