Age ~ Defying Facial Treatments

All facial & body services begins with a complimentary skin analysis and consultation to help determine which treatment program will best suit your skin, body and concerns.

Youthful Solutions Signature Triple Crown Facial

(non-surgical facelift)
Series of 8 $784
Maintenance $165
Our # 1 Award Winning Facial
(allow 1 ½ hr to 2 hrs depending on chosen protocol)

Includes 3 of our most magical anti- aging modalities.
Micro-current facial rejuvenation facelift, Oxygen Infusion and LED red light treatment for instant visible results.
Benefits: Tightens, tones, brightens and firms aging skin.
A series of 8 or more sessions will take 5 years off your face!

Benefits of micro-current treatments are immediate and cumulative:
* Diminishes fine lines, creases and wrinkles
* Hydrates and Oxygenates
* Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
* Visibly firms and contours
* Tightens pores and sagging jowls
* Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

Helene’s Uplifting Facial
(non-surgical facelift)
same as above but without the Microderm, Oxygen or LED
Series of 8 $784
Maintenance $105

Firms, Tones, Increases collagen production & Brightens with
our Vitamin C infusion and mask.
Enhance your results with our LED (Red Light) treatment.
+ $37.50

The Rezenerate Facial™ ~ $120.
Add to my Signature Non-Surgical FaceLift for spectacular results! + $50.


Based on your specific needs, you can choose from one of the following

Rezenerate Facial:

The Rezenerate Anti-Aging Facial™:
This facial drastically reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you feeling and looking younger. The Rezenerate Anti-Aging Facial was designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin.

This leads to an immediate plumpness of the skin for an amazing short term benefit and also allows for greater absorption of nutrients. No other facial on the market gives these types of short and long term benefits. Whether you want to look your best for a night on the town tonight or for a big event six weeks from now ,this facial is for you!
Combined with our non-surgical facelift the results are nothing short of Spectacular!

Facials are recommended every 2-4 weeks for optimal results and ultimately depend on individual needs.


~ Little to no down time–customers can apply make up in minutes
~ Inexpensive alternative with similar results to costly treatments/procedures
~ No cross contamination
~ A pain-free cosmetic alternative to harsh treatments/procedures.

The most important thing to know about The Rezenerate Facial™ is that it works!

~ So call me today and be “Rezenerated“!
(864) 346-7546

Oxygen Infusion Facial
Series of 8 $784
Maintenance $125
(4 formulas) * Age~Defying * Brightening * Acne * Sensitive
Includes deep cleansing with ultrasound technology.
Softens fine lines, Brightens, Calms and Soothes skin irritations,
with infusion of Vitamins A,C,E, Licorice root, and Salicylic Acid.

Ultrasound therapy employs high frequency vibration (30,000 per second) to gently exfoliate dead skin cells for a cleaner, healthier complexion ~ all without causing redness or irritation often associated with crystal microdermabrasion.


Let There Be Light!
LED Rejuvenation Facial
Single $99
Series of 8 $784

(4 Treatments) * Anti-aging with Red Light * Acne with Blue/Green Light
* Sun damaged and Sensitive with Green Light Rx

Benefits: Promotes collagen production, increase circulation and cellular repair
evens out skin tone & fine lines around mouth, eyes and forehead,
and kills bacteria in acne.
Includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation, 20 minute LED (light treatment)
and Oxygen Blast with hydrating toner followed by the appropriate corrective mask.

Lymphatic Drainage & Face Contouring (Vacu~Lift)
Series of 8 $784

Maintenance $99

(Pre/Post Cosmetic Surgery to Shorten Recovery Time
and for Facial Contouring)

For those who are unable to receive any kind of micro-current
treatments due to implants such as Pacemaker or Tens unit,
this amazing facial redefines contours of the face and gives a beautiful healthy glow to the skin.

Great for sensitive skin such as Rosacea, acne, dull complexion, cancer patients
and smokers.

Highly recommended after any type of facial cosmetic procedure.

Clinical Peels

A real game changer if you are really serious about improving
the overall appearance of your skin!
Visible improvements are seen within a week!

(Baby Boomer, Apple Wine Firm & Tone, Brighten UP)

90 Days * 10 Years Younger Program
Fine lines * Wrinkles * Mature * Sun-Damaged Skin

This program is for women and men over 50 + with severe skin damage from
sun exposure, smokers, women with deeper wrinkles and fine lines,
women that look much older than they truly are!

If you are really serious about improving the overall look of your skin
then this program is for you!

This program includes 3 mid-depth peels, (one month apart)
3 Post-peel Cellular Rebalance treatments (week following peel)
6 of Helene’s Uplifting Micro-current Facial (Muscle toning) with LED light treatment.
One Post-peel Moisture complex is also included


Single Peel
$225(includes post-peel kit)
(for Aging/Dry ~ Sun-Damaged ~ Sensitive/Rosacea ~ Acne/Oily ~ Skin of Color)